Making the Most of Life: Balancing Life and Goals

We’ve all encountered them at least once in our life. Those people that feel the need to tell you how to live life. They’ll tell you to put the weights down, get out of the house and go clubbing and drinking instead. Although it may work for them, it may not be right for you. Now while I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go out and enjoy life, I’m just saying that there’s more than one way to do so. What one person enjoys to do might be different from what you enjoy.

Myself for example, I take great pride and find joy in my pursuit of mastery. Whether it was running for my high school team, or my current endeavors of powerlifting, coaching, and going to the University of Central Florida to graduate with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. I’ve had a lot of fun and grown a lot as a person through these activities. These experiences are what keep me feeling alive and enjoying life. It reminds me that anything is possible with the right amount of hard work and dedication. The bonds that I’ve made, goals I’ve accomplished, and knowledge I’ve gained is something that can never be taken away from me and will allow me to grow into a better, stronger, person.

Your experiences and goals may be different however. Maybe your goal is to be healthy while still enjoying the nightlife. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m a big proponent of going out and enjoying the little things in life. My favorite way to connect with people is out grabbing a beer and a bite to eat with them. There is a way to balance it all and it has to do with your goals and your priorities. Such as if your goal is to train for a bodybuilding show, you might want to reduce your alcohol intake throughout the prep. One because it can inhibit protein synthesis (when the body breaks down proteins and uses them for bodily functions) and because of the caloric content (7 calories/gram). But if this isn’t your goal and your goal is to go out more, then you don’t have to beat yourself up for missing a workout here or there or cutting it a little short if it means getting to go out with friends and have some fun.

This is a topic that I had touched on in a past article (Life the Balancing Act) and I bring this up again as a reminder that everybody is different and has different goals. It’s important that you understand and support their goals. Accomplishing a goal is already a difficult task, but when you have the right people supporting you, it can make a big difference. You should go out and have some fun once in awhile. However if you see somebody that is working hard and is on the road to success, why try to stop them and tell them to change what they’re doing? Let them keep doing what they’re doing. They will take the time off when they’re ready.

You never know how different experiences might shape you. You might miss out on some fun when you’re working towards your goals. I know I have skipped on a night out or two, but for me the feeling I got when I finally accomplished the goal I set out to do was all worth it. In my most recent powerlifting meet, I was able to meet a person that I’ve learned a great deal from and is somebody that I really look up to. Getting to compete against him and pick his brain for a few minutes was an experience that I’ll never forget. There is more than one way to get out, have fun, and meet people. Try something new and keep working towards your goals. It will pay off in the end. Also please be safe out there when going for a night out on the town or lifting heavy or whatever you’re goals are.

The article I mentioned: Life the Balancing Act

Edited By: Adriana Colon

Written By: Mark Randio

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